M a i n | C h a r a c t e r s

Ari is a hardworking, yet low-achieving imp who works in the C-sector of the Underworld. Though his low rank keeps him from really moving upwards in society his connection to A-sector manager Viktor allows him odd opportunities of responsibility in small amounts. Ari is a surly and unassuming person, though he is easily riled up. He tries to do his best with what he has in an attempt to fill the void he feels from not being able to recollect a single aspect of his past life unlike everyone else who at least has one memory.

Lily is the young mortal charge Ari is given to escort to the Overland. Despite her young age she is very precocious and seems to adapt quite well to the grim realities of the Underworld.

Viktor, as a section chief in the A-sector oversees projects handed down to him directly from the administration of the underworld, and is on speaking terms with most of the administrative staff, including Miss Sophia. He is charismatic, almost frighteningly so, and is often seen with a (at times rather toothy) grin on his face. Unlike Ari, it is exceedingly difficult to tell what is on Viktor's mind as he picks and chooses what he would like people to know about him.

S u p p o r t i n g | C h a r a c t e r s

Miss Sophia
As carekeeper of the Underworld, Miss Sophia resides over all rebirths into the Underworld. As such, she knows quite nearly all the residents of the realm, and is respected by most of its denizens. Miss Sophia is a motherly sort of being, calm and understanding. However, if she is crossed she will make her displeasure very known.

A B-level engineer who works under Viktor's management. He takes it upon himself to research and create new devices that he believes will better the overall lives of the Underworld's inhabitants. He also has a great deal of pride in these inventions that may seem a bit...eccentric to others.